Book Review: The Shock of Night

The Shock of Night
by Patrick W. Carr

When one man is brutally murdered and the priest he works for mortally wounded, Willet Dura, reeve to the king of Bunard, is called to investigate.  As he begins to question the dying priest, the man pulls Willet close and screams in a foreign tongue,  Then he dies without another work.

Willet returns to his task, but the clues to the crime lead to contradiction and questions without answers, and his senses are skewed.  People he touches appear to have a subtle shift, as though he can divine their deepest thoughts.  In a world divided between haves and have-nots, gifted and common, Willet soon learns he's been passed the rarest gift of all-a gift that not supposed to exist.

Now Willet must pursue the murderer still on the loose in Burnard even as he's pulled into a dangerous conflict that threatens not only his city, but his entire world-a conflict that will force him to come to terms with his inability to remember how he escaped the Darkwater Foest-and what happened to him inside it. 

My Thoughts: Fantasy books are some of my favorites to read. A good author can place in inside the story, where you feel like you're actually with the character and have lived their life, and Patrick W. Carr does just that. The mystery and suspense in The Shock of Night makes reading fun, and makes for a book you won't mind reading a few more times. If you like The Traitor's Heir or Oswald Return of the King you'll be very interested in this book. 

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