Book Review: Lay it Down


Lay it Down
Bill Tell 
Living in the freedom of the Gospel

Call it Burnout, a spiritual breakdown, or a personal crisis, the toll of Bill Tell's decades of successful ministry finally caught up with him.  Incapacitated and depressed, he found that the road to recovery began at the Cross.  To his delight, healing opened new freedoms as he embraced the gospel in new ways.

Lay It DownLiving in the Freedom of the Gospel is a bold declaration of the overwhelming grace of God.  More than merely saving us in our sin, by grace God delivers us from it , making us new creations and treating us accordingly -no matter what.  For a generation of Christians who have learned a gospel of performance and striving, Lay it Down offers the good news of the grace that is already ours in Christ.

Bill Tell has served in numerous leadership roles, including Vice President, in the Navigators, an international ministry dedicated to evangelism and discipleship.  He currently serves as National Staff Development Specialist for the Navigators.  He has led, taught, and mentored new and growing Christians and emerging leaders throughout the United States. 

Verdict: I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for review, and when I saw the title I was immediately interested in reading it. Lay it Down is an amazingly motivational book for anyone who reads it. It's all about becoming better though Christ and it's written in a humbling but empowering way. If you like When We Were on Fire or 52 Original Wisdom Stories this is a book to read. 

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