App Review: Care Bears Belly Match

 It's #techtuesday which means time for another app review. This week I have the Care Bears Belly Match which I've been loving since it's October 22 release date. I originally got an email about it's release and after looking up a little about it I though it's be great, you know something a little like Pokemon Shuffle or Battle Camp, with cute characters like the Care Bears. 

Upon downloading I was impressed that there wasn't an overwhelming amount of tutorials to get through and that I could start playing quickly. You basically match up the colored shapes with each other to remove them from the board, and more will come down. The goal is to get x number of certain characters and as you get further, unwrap candies and match birds are also goals to complete a level. Most of the rounds you're given a certain number of moves but a few are timed.

After completing each round you get cupcakes (given by number of stars you received) which you can trade in for cool outfit pieces for your Care Bears character of choice. There are different sections of levels to complete and weekly challenges, some of which don't seem too hard. And if you're friends play you can give each other gifts that will help you complete levels.

Overall I think Care Bears Belly Match is a fun matching game, both for kids and adults, with a few cute extras, and is especially fun if your friends are playing so you can compete. Beware though it is fairly addictive. 

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