What to Wear to An Art Museum


Maybe its because of all the homework in my art appreciation class but I've been thinking a lot about going to a museum. Side note, I don't mean a museum like the Indianapolis Museum of Art, but a more tradition one. For this look I wanted it to be something for a large gallery or museum evening / night date. Classy and conservative but still cute, and young. 
  • Shirt - Crop tops are probably my favorite type of shirt to wear, with a skirt that is. I love the burgundy color of this top, the winter floral print and cute gold glitter add a bit of youth to the outfit. 
  •  Skirt - Because this outfit is for a more high end look I wanted to add a black pencil skirt. It meets the crop top, and has a cool modern texture. 
  • Nail Polish - I'm normally someone who loves bright nail colors, from pink to green if it's neon I'm in. However as fun as my different lacquers are for a classy date they aren't really in style. 
  • Clutch - I'm not a big bag kind of person and if you're walking around a gallery or art museum its especially a pain to carry around. This beaded clutch is the perfect solution. Just for the necessity. 
  • Shoes - To keep this outfit from being too formal and uptight I wanted to add a cute shoe. Of course since I love cats this pair was a good choice. 

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