Review: Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara

 After trying out the Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara that did clump up a little bit I decided that it could be fun to test out a mascara made specifically not to clump up, the Covergirl Clump Crusher. Since I've been trying out and loving a lot of Covergirl products and I already have a soft spot for drug store mascara I have to say I went in expecting a lot from this product, and whenever that happens of course it doesn't quite live up. 

The packaging on this Covergirl mascara is pretty standard. I A long tube that tappers off at the handle but is almost seamless. The color is a fun bright green and the lid twists off. The mascara brush is thin and the bristles are kind of thick compared to other mascaras (like EnvyDerm), the color is a pure black. 
Verdict: Just as the Covergirl Clump Crusher claimed it is a non-clump mascara. It did darken my lashes but the length and volume weren't impressive at all. although I do think this is a mascara you could do more than more one coat with. One issue that I did notice was that if I rubbed my eyes, the mascara would irritate them, something I haven't had an issue with in the past. So overall this isn't really the mascara for me but for someone with thinner lashes it might work out better. It'll give a bit of boost and not weigh down the lashes. 

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