Review: 2B Colours Hydrastick

Lately I've been all about the makeup. From flower inspired mascara to eyeliner specifically for a cat eye however for this review I'm going to take a step back from all of that. Just a little step though because chapped lips are a good thing to prevent. Anyways, I'm going to share with you guys the 2B Colours Hydrastick as seen above. 

Like all the 2B Colours products I've reviewed this little hydrastick is available from Ulta. It comes in a white tube, that looks similar to a lot of other chapsticks and lip balms. The 70's style paisley design on the lid portion however is quite unique and super cute.  Opening it up you'd think the lid is the small white part but it's actually the larger part with the Hydrastick and 2B Colours name on it. 

The lip balm comes in three different tints and mine in a pretty red color called Rose. The smell is a bit more like a lip gloss than your typical lip balm but it applies smoothly and feels very nice on. No heavy or sticky feeling so I'm for sure going to be keeping the Hydrastick in my bag.  

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