Review: 2B Colours Concealer-Corrector

As someone who suffers from a whole lot of self induced stress, causing me to get acne spots, and someone who's overloaded their schedule in school, causing me to get a lot of dark circles, I'm all about having a good way to cover them up. So of course I was interested in trying out the 2B Colours Concealer Corrector when I was offered it for review, because I know I need something. 

Like all of the 2B products, this concealer is now available in Ulta. It comes in a nude colored tube, which I love because it actually matches the concealer color, and has white writing on it. The lid is clear white plastic, and the applicator is the twist up kind. 

Along with the 2B Colours eyeliner and blush I've swatched the concealer. As you can see it is a bit lighter (possibly a shade?) than it looks in the packaging and as for application, this 2B Colours product is great. It is smooth and light weight but it actually makes all my skin problems seem to disappear and lasts all day without caking or flaking off. I can see 2B Colours Concealer-Correcter becoming a staple in my routine. These past three days (my test run per say) it's held up well even in extreme heat, sun and long days. 

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