Outfit/Haul: Shopping at the Salvation Army


Quite awhile back I talked about my first time at the Salvation Army. I actually found quite a few things that I loved so when I was in need of a wool coat for a DIY (more on that later) I decided I might as well look around for few "new" things for my closet as well. Below are a few pictures of my shopping adventures as well as some terrible (sorry I have no idea how to take haul pictures!) of what I got. 

Dress - I actually refashioned this dress from an extra large skirt that my mother had found at a garage sell (she helped me with some of the sewing). I did however find one similar. I love the longer length, which is more flattering with my weight gain.

Necklace - I was given this as a gift a few years ago and I still absolutely love it. It's gold colored, which I think compliments my skin and cartoon cute. Totally makes my look more fun. 

Shoes - I know combat boots aren't quite as in anymore, but with a feminine dress I'm all about them. It keeps me from looking too girly or like I'm ready to go on a date when I just want to go thrift store shopping. 

 No makeup, mostly because I was feeling especially lazy. 
 Checking out a chambray shirt. The store was packed with clothes so they were having a half of sale. 
The only thing I don't like about the Greenwood Salvation Army is the dressing room. First of all there's only one. It doesn't have a proper lock and the mirror is so tiny. 

  • 1. Dress  $1.50 - For as much clothing as I have I don't have a proper black dress so it wasn't hard to say no to this one. I love the sheer top that has dots on it and the fuller skirt is so cute. I couldn't find a brand on it. 
  • 2. Jacket  $1 - This Marcia Lyons jacket spoke to me immediately if it isn't anywhere near my size. I love the asian inspired design and as night time coverup I think it's great. 
  • 3. Indiana Salwar  $2 - I saw a few different Salwars when I was at the Salvation army and this one the only one that fit me. I plan on making it into a dress in the near future because its so pretty. 
  • 4. Shorts  $1.50 - These shorts originally from Topshop are sort of a necessity for my brand ambassador work so I was very happy to find them. 
  • 5. Sweater $2.50 -I'm someone who likes to wear those skinny leg yoga pants with sweaters which is exactly what I have planned for this XL JCrew piece. 
  • 6. Pants 1.50 - Although these pants are just an H&M branded pair they were brand new and the brown color isn't something I had so I figured for less than $2 why not?
  • 7. Cardigan $2 - Hanging this lace cardigan didn't look like much but on it's gorgeous and makes me feel super sophisticated. Couldn't find a tag with a brand on this either. 

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