Outfit: August Summer Retro Vibes+ New Sunglasses

 Top / Shorts / Belt via Jelt Belt / Shoes / Sunglasses c/o Westwood

So I'm officially back in school, something you might have noticed from my complaints about it. Though most of the summer has been pretty mild with plenty of rain, this week has been a lot warmer. Of course this meant I had to break out my favorite pair of high waisted and put together an outfit with my new Westwood sunglasses.

Top - Since I went with a pair of high waisted shorts I decided I could go with a crop top, even though I usually reserve them to wear with skirts (for example my Fall / Winter Floral Outfit). This lace top is layered and loose fitting, helping to hid some of the fats (that you probably noticed) I've gained. 

Shorts - High waisted shorts are going strong, and with the warm weather of course I had to wear a pair. They're pretty comfortable and make my legs looks a whole lot longer. 

Belt - I've had this belt around for awhile and I'm still loving it just as much as when I first got it. The Americana look is perfect for all through the summer, not just the Fourth of July. Side note, I did hear that they're making more colors coming up which is exciting. 

Shoes - I'll admit I did have a little trouble picking out a pair of shoes to go with this outfit but in the end I decided to go with a simple stripe pair. I like how the blue and white match my outfit, plus they're comfortable. 

Sunglasses - The star of this outfit however are the new sunglasses I'm sporting. They're ultra light weight and very comfortable to wear. The coolest thing though is how nice the color of the lens is to look through. And with a 400 SPF I know my eyes are protected. 


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