Life Photos: School, Driving and Money

The first four photos are boring school things. I'm constantly taking pictures of other people's notes and of homework assignments. After that is a photo of my car dial (I have no idea what to call it). I randomly saw this orange light up when I was heading home and it completely freaked me out. That is until I realized I'd accidentally hit the traction button when I was trying to change the channel on the radio. Last in the row is a pair of sunglasses seen in my Retro Style Outfit.

Then some water and pencils that were being given out free, I think as some student tour thing, of course I took a few pencils though. Then a photo of a bird I saw while on a jog. After that a photo of me in class, where everyone seems to be wearing fleece pullovers because my professor has some Halloween costume on, except it wasn't Halloween... 

Last row is money I earned from a garage sale. I only did it one day but the results were fantastic, not only did I get rid of a lot of stuff but I also made a little money. Then one of those throw back photos showed up on my Google Plus, and since it was an old cat photo I posted of course I took a photo. Then a photo I took for some random reason. 

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