Life at the beginning of the Fall Semester

 Well, school's back in session which isn't something that I'm loving. As I mentioned previously I have a few hard classes, and I'm already starting to stress about them. Anyways I figured I could share a day in my school life because I haven't done it for awhile. First of all lets start with the selfie.

Since I was early for my Art Appreciation class I headed to one of the computer labs to write down all of the homework I'd have due this week. Then on to class where I learned I'd have a project due the next class meeting since this set me in a bad mood I decided I didn't want to start on my homework and instead I reorganized my things.
 I went from one broken folder that I keep forgetting to replace with of the coloring kind. I'm hoping getting a little more organized (something I'm terrible at) will help me keep up with my classes.
Then a little snack when I finally did start working on my school work. I've been going over extra problems in the book to make sure I understand all the mechanics of materials stuff.
In class the teacher was nice enough to give us this chart for all the Greek letters which is something that'll help me for my fluids class as well. After his was over I then went to some Systems class, where we actually had a nice lecture.

So I know my day was pretty boring but I just wanted to share. 

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