Letting Go of Worry with Poise Impressa

Fear and anxiety is actually something I have a lot of trouble with. And I'm not just talking about my fear of the dark either. I have a lot of fear about going places. No where in particular just getting there is the issue for me. For other people it's social anxiety. Looking up the number of people with this sort of social anxiety ranging from mild to severe is astounding. It can paralyze people in their homes, from even going to simple places like grocery stores. 

 As distant as this might seem from some people, others know this feeling all too well. That's because often times this anxiety is caused by a specific reason. One cause of this for women of a certain age start to have bladder issues. It's almost guaranteed. It's embarrassing and until now has been thought of as almost unavoidable. That's why I want to share with you Poise Impressa. 

It's different than those panty liner and pad like things that are often associated with bladder leakage. These actually prevent the problem. You insert them like a tampon and how the press on your bladder keeps you from "leaking". 

You can find out more #TryImpressa  HERE

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