Gazelle to the Rescue


That's my old iPhone :(

Last year about this time, I dropped my phone on just outside my door on the concrete porch. It was early in the morning and I was on my way to my internship, which was before class so it was very dark out. I was carrying a cup of hot chocolate (I know, what a child) as well as some textbooks and my phone was in a not so deep pants pocket. As I was on the step just outside of my front door that connected to the porch my phone came out of my pocket and hit the ground. It immediately went from perfectly fine, to completely shattered. 

Luckily since I'd had my phone for the past 3+ years I was able to get a new one on my current contract. Good thing too because whenever I'd tried to use my phone I got little glass pieces in it. Many people aren't as lucky on their timing as I am, and would be stuck with a broken phone or pay way too much for a brand new one. That is unless you've heard about Gazelle like I recently did. 

They offer all kinds of phones from Samsung  to iPhones and even iPads and various accessories. All of which are at amazingly discounted prices. How does it work? Phones are sold or traded in to Gazelle where they do all the refurbishing work, and then its put on their site so they can save the day 
for you.

So be sure to check out Gazelle and see what you find. 

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