Food Photos: Dinners at Home & Grocery Shopping

Food photos on the blog today that have been sitting on my phone. The first row has a pudding that was very thick and quite good. Two dinners after that. The first is a chili french fry with garlic bread and a simple salad. Then pasta and cheese with peas and baked bread. The next row has a vegan potato soup followed by cake that I had at a wedding. I talked about my fall wedding outfit previously. Then a lunch at my grandparents consisting of a vegetable sandwich, potato chips and dill pickles.  The last row has a chick pea salad. Included is lettuce, tomato, spaghetti and kale. The a cafeteria breadstick, and last tofu. My "assistant" and I were going to be making vegan personal pizzas  so the day before of course I had to pick up tofu from the grocery store. 

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