Face Photos: Wedding and Lots of School

I know it's been awhile since I've done one of these photo dumps featuring my face so I figured I could share one with you. I've actually been working a lot on not taking as many so I don't have to many to share with you. The first photo isn't all that great, just me wearing a sports bra after a workout. The next three are at school. Then a close up of my acne pimple stuff, three very ugly photos of me, and on the next row two that are okay. After that is what I think is a great photo from my first day at school. I had done my hair and had a nice outfit so of course I took a selfie in one of the bathrooms. Then a random one where I look disappointed. 

Then another bad emotion face followed by lots I took at an autumn wedding. The outfit must have been fairly cute because some guy afterwards kept asking my friend about me. Why he didn't talk to me at the wedding I don't know. But he would have had a better chance. 

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