App Review: Episode (Demi Lovato Story)

Normally I'lll go for the sort of Minecraft unguided app games, or slightly guided games like Clash of Clans but when I saw iPhone application Episode (they also have an android app) advertising its Demi Lovato story I thought it'd be fun to try out. I thought that this would be a restricted sims game but it isn't quite that. 

As it starts out you're a huge Demi Lovato fan, who's also an aspirational singer. You get to choose what you look like as well as how your best friend looks. From there you start gathering fans with social media and through a contest end up on Demi's tour. Throughout there are options to gain fans, friends or love, of course you have to pick between them and see where the story leads you from there. 

As much fun as it is to see the fans rack up and see where you get with the guy of your choice, I'm not sure that any of your choices really matter. As one example you're forced between three options to do with leaving tour to help your sister but as an only child I don't care about my sister. And I think no matter what you pick everything ends up at the same place at the end of the episode. Paying diamonds to have a better outfit doesn't really seem to help anything even though that's what they imply. 

Most annoying though are the tickets. You wait to get them for hours and then get to play a five minute episode (I also think their timer has a glitch but that's another story), and once you click to start you have to watch 2-3 minutes of advertisements.  However I do think that the story is fun and will probably play the Demi update when it comes out because I did enjoy Episode even with my complaints. 

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