5 Things to use a Microfiber Towel for

So I know it's actually Saturday not Friday but I really wanted to share a little Fitness Friday post with you guys so here it is. About a month ago I received this Microfiber towel from Go2Products. It comes from Amazon, inside a cute little carry pouch. It's mesh on the outside with a drawstring closer. Inside of course is the towel. Mine is a light grey in color, and the size of a regular towel. Along with just being a super soft bath towel I decided I could share a few other ways I've been using my GoToProducts Microfiber towel. 
  • Camping - On a camping trip less is always more when it comes to bringing things along. This towel is a fraction of the density of a regular towel so packing it isn't going to be an issue. 
  • Workouts - Along with being less to pack, this microfiber towel is super quick drying so you don't have to worry about hanging it up once you get home from a workout. 
  • Yoga - Hot yoga can be a little gross. Your working hard, sweating a whole bunch making it about impossibly to do any sort of anything because it isn't just you that's glistening, so is your mat. Just put the microfiber towel from Go2Products on it and you won't have any worries. 
  • Travel - When you travel for your "job" you can end up in a few interesting hotels, in which case you're going to be glad you brought along your own towel. 

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