2015 Indy 500 with Mistic

 All the way back in May I worked an event at the Indy 500, for Saturday and Sunday. It was my first time even going to the track  and I have to admit it was a bit of a shock to me at first (way different than I'd imagined) but I had a lot of fun at it. Before I get into the whole event let me put a little disclaimer that although I worked for Mistic, an e-cigarette company, I don't nor have I ever used any tobacco products. 

Now that that's over with lets get to the details. They'd originally wanted me to work Friday, but since  I had Chemistry class I couldn't, though the other two girls I worked with did work. Before arriving I texted my manager to ask about the tickets/ what gate to go to and she said to just "go to the event" and "call the brand when I was there"... Since the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is about 500 acres I was rightfully doubting this plan. However I did this and upon arriving asked what gate I should go to , and the onsite contact started describing things that I of course had no idea about. Eventually I got to the gate he was talking about and he brought out my ticket and went with me to the booth.
 Though I was afraid this poor planning (the other girls on my team had an even worse time getting in  Friday), would make for a poorly planned event but that wasn't the case. We had two different things going on, simulation race car driving and passing out vaporizer and e-cig starter kits. I picked my place passing out samples, which was pretty easy. Basically just scan id cards and let them pick what they wanted. Sometimes people would ask me my favorite, to which I'd answer honestly, but if they asked me to give them the best one, I'd pick at random. 
 After my first day one of the other girls, Hannah, and I went to go look at other things around. There wasn't much going on so we were about to head out when I got the idea of having the other girl, Sam, stay the night at my house because she had an awfully long drive and we had to be back at 6 a.m. 
 Our "boss" did remember to give us tickets for Sunday, but gave us the wrong day (the ones is was supposed to give us the day before. So when Sam and I arrived (45 minutes early) we then had to call one of the onsite people and get new tickets (luckily they gave us a parking pass too) and as we were getting ready to find the area it was in, Hannah called because her ride bailed on her. So we ended up a few minutes late but the client didn't think it was a big deal. 
 Hannah did end up getting sick and leaving just me and Sam on the busiest day which kind of sucked since it really is a three person gig but I think we managed it well. We were going to stay for the race, but after all the stress and getting up so early we were ready to go home by the time it started. I don't normally take so many pictures of myself at events like this but our manager required five a day leaving me a ton to pick from though with all the hot weather (meaning I was sweating) and lack of sleep I can't say I look my best though I don't have any roots since this was right after my Wella Hair Show


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