Roundup: Beauty Reviews (Aug 11-19)

 Zander Lavender Oil - Essential Oil is just now something I'm starting to get the hang of. When I first saw it I was like that's nice, something that smells good. But after trying out things like Frankincense and Peppermint Oil  I've started to learn. This lavender oil is perfect for relaxing and something I use right before bed to help put my mind at ease and help me get plenty of sleep. 

 Radha Beauty Vitamin C Serum - Previously I loved the Radha Beauty Eye Gel so I was very excited when they wanted to send me their Vitamin C serum. I love that it also has hyaluronic acid and amino blend which both will help to fight wrinkles as well as repair my skin.  
 Via Cosmetics Sea Whip Cucumber Gel - As sort of a work hazard sometimes my skin gets irritated by products that I use. So when this Via Cosmetics Sea Whip Cucumber arrived at my door, that's specifically made to demo and sooth I was very happy to have it. It's perfect for hot days and breakouts. 
 Healthywise Retinol Serum - If you have issues with dry skin Retinol serum will easily become a lifesaver after just a few days of using. It does such a great job I only use it a few times a week or else my skin will be too dewy. This Healthywise version also has hyaluronic acid (for more moisture), green tea (this will help inflammation) and vitamin e (for skin repair). Everything you need in one serum. 
Virlem Vitamin C Serum - Men are a little different then women something that is present in everyday life but often they are forced to use women's skincare products. Virlem looks to change this with their Vitamin C Serum which is cruelty free and has a few extras in it to make your skin even healthier. In this case it's just the packaging that's different but it's a start. 

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