Review: Kuuk Meat Tenderizer

As you might already know I'm by all the vegan food I make, from Cheddar Cheese Soup to Vegan Potato Soup I don't eat meat. So when I was given the chance to review the Kuuk Meat Tenderizer I wasn't all that interested. However I had really liked all of the other Kuuk products I'd been given like the ones in my fresh garden salad among many other cooking posts so I decided I could probably find a use for this Kuuk Meat Tenderizer if it held up to my test. 

This comes from Amazon, which is actually a great way to get a variety of cooking supplies. It has a white box that it comes in with the product picture on the front as well as some grey font with the Kuuk name. The handle and main pieces of the meat tenderizer are plastic and the working parts are a grey silver. 

Verdict: For chopping tofu for burgers this meat tenderizer is great. The handle is well snapped for use and the whole Kuuk product is very sturdy. Plus it works well. 

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