Review: Azure Naturals Ultimate Vitamin C Skin Care

In the past I've done a few different reviews of AzureNaturals products, from their retinol serum, Argan oil , and rosehip oil. I've loved all of these skin care items so when I was offered the chance to review the AzureNaturals Ultimate Vitamin C collection of course I took the opportunity to share with you guys about these products. Alright so they do come from Amazon which I think is great, and the set can be ordered as separate pieces, so I'll do mini reviews of each of the products. 
  • Ultimate Facial Cleanser - Although I am partial to foam facial cleansers I figured I would give this one with Aloe, Rosehip, and MSM a try. It feels good and cooling going on my skin and isn't harsh. It cleans well too.
  • Moisturizer - Green tea is one of the things I love having in skin care products, so of course I was happy to see it in this lotion. It's a pure white and has a slight citrus scent. This Azure Naturals product is light weight and absorbs well without any greasy residue. 
  • Serum - There are a lot of vitamin c serums on the market so it can be kind of hard to pick which one to go with. I like Azure Natural's version because it has a high vitamin c percentage along with extras like vitamin e hyaluronic acid, and amino complex. 
Verdict: I love this set. It has two cleansers (that are very similar and both great), a moisturizer, and a serum all packed with Vitamin C. I love the slight orange scent and that all of these skin care items are gentle to use. More favorites from Azure Naturals. 

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