Review: 2B Colours Waterproof Eyeliner ( in 01 Black)

 A few years ago if you asked me what my everyday makeup was, I'd probably stare at you and then say something about a tinted sunscreen (like the Oz Naturals 30 SPF Tinted Sunscreen). Since then I've been more prone to using a BB Cream (which also has SPF protect) and mascara for school days, which is pretty much my everyday. As I get a little faster with makeup application, I've even begun to start wearing eyeliner so when the people over at 2B offered to send me their eyeliner of course I said yes. 

First let me start out by saying this eyeliner is available at Ulta just so you know. The main piece of it is a pretty sky blue with white font saying that this waterproof and that it's long wear as well as the 2B name and black 01. The cap is black and pulling it off you see a soft eyeliner that's retractable. 
Along with the 2B Concealer and 2B Cheek Pop you can see the black eyeliner. While applying I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly it went on my skin and that it actually felt soft. The color is a straight black and does smudge nicely. As for the waterproof it isn't going to hold up in the shower, but to romantic movie crying or working out at the gym this 2B Colours Waterproof Eyeliner will serve you well. 

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