Review: 2B Colours Mousse Foundation

Whenever I think of foundation all that ever comes to mind is a heavy product that might look nice on the skin when you first apply it, but after a few hours (sometimes less) it starts to cake, flake or do some equally unappealing thing to your skin. So when 2B Colours offered to send me their Mousse Foundation to try out I was a little apprehensive. However I figured it was worth a shot since I'm a pretty big fan of their Cat Eyeliner and Black Edition Mascara

This Mouse Foundation comes in a clear hard plastic round container. On the top is a black lid with a black sticker that has white lettering saying what this is and the @B logo and color number 04 Ivoire in pink. This lid twists off making it easy to get out the mousse foundation with your fingers. Although it has a slight makeup scent, it isn't anything bad. 

Verdict: Application of this 2B Foundation is super easy. No need to even get a brush dirty and it actually feels nice to put on my skin. The color is a bit lighter upon application, so if you're on the edge about a shade its something to think about, and coverage is nice. Especially nice though is that this foundation doesn't dry out my skin, or start to look bad with wear. So for those days I need a little extra help I think I'll be looking to 2B Colours Mousse Foundation. 

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