Review: 2B Colours Cat Eyeliner

 As I often talk about makeup isn't something I wear daily. I mean I wear it when I'm going on castings (depending of course if they want a clean face) and to promotional modeling gigs. I always feel like it takes a lot of time, something I rarely have in the mornings. When I was given the chance to try out the 2B Colours Cat Eyeliner I quickly figured out this guy is a game changer for me.

Alright so 2B is available via Ulta making it very easy to get. It comes in a black tube, something that's quite common among liquid eyeliners. To open pull off the lid on the top, and that's where the awesomeness begins. The felt tip is large soft and perfect for making it's namesake the cat eye. 
Verdict: Here's how the 2B Colours Cat Eyeliner looks on. My little cat eye looks perfect and was super fast to apply, which is coming from someone who's terrible with eyeliner. The waterproofness is on par too so if you want to wear strong eyeliner to the pool, or cry a whole bunch I recommend doing it in the 2B Colours Cat Eyeliner. 

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