Rambling about not wanting to be in School

Well, as it would seem contrary to my constant stressing out about school work, I've made it on to the next semester and have even already had my first week of school. Above is a photo of my work just after finishing on Sunday night when most of it is due Monday. As far as classes go I have fluid mechanics (this one won't be too bad), Mechanics of Materials (this one might kill me), System Dynamics (shouldn't be too bad), Art Appreciation (sounds easy but the professor is making me regret this elective already), and statistics (I'm not quite sure about it yet). All of this makes for what is very much a full load, and probably means I should be studying constantly to make sure I get good grades. However I have other things on my mind. 

I'm still wanting to do my print and promotional modeling during the school year, since I do have the weekend and actually Fridays off although that time should be spent doing school work. In addition, I'm trying to keep up with posting here daily, and being better about using my other social media sites. In case you haven't noticed (I hope you have) I've done a lot of reviews like 2B Colours Cat Eyeliner and outfit posts like What to Wear to Breakup with Someone and to tell the truth I love doing things like this, and would love to spend the whole of my days doing it. 

Instead I'm in school, in classes, that I find to be quite boring. When I get out I don't want to use the degree (actually I plan not to) so it feels a lot like a waste of time and money, and a whole lot of stress  for no reason. I'm constantly being pushed my parents to keep with it, but why? I'm at the point now that I've starting getting quite angry with them if they even mention it, because it's so ridicules to me. Two more years feels like a lifetime because I can't see past it. I hate it. 

However from my research there isn't really a better degree I can get (none also that my current credits would go towards). I don't feel like I need college though, looking at the job postings (out of curiosity not because I need one) I do. Even preschools seem to think you should have a four year degree, while they're paying you $9 an hour. It would be almost funny if it wasn't so sad. As my father says they've all got an academia fetish, and for me my degree is just a safety net so maybe one of these such people would hire me. I just wish I didn't feel like school was getting in the way of things I want to do. 

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