Outfit: Trying out 5.99 Fashion

Awhile back the people over at $5.99 fashion contacted me about doing a blog post about them and I have to say I was a bit hesitant. However when I took a look at their site I immediately changed my mind. I saw that they have a variety of fast fashion pieces, all at $5.99 or very close to it, even things like shoes are priced at the company's name sake price. Since I could put together a few pieces I went for a casual date look to share with you guys. 

Dress - Finding a modest dress that's cute enough to wear in public, and that's flattering isn't always that easy to find. This dress with its empire waist makes me look like I have a bit of a curvy body while still looking girly. 

Clutch - I'd been looking for a fun clutch that could also fit into a purse as a sort of wallet and 5.99 Fashion had plenty of options. I ended up with a modern floral print. It has plenty of pockets for putting my essentials and has the option of using it as a wristlet. 

Flats - I couldn't believe these shoes were just $5.99 but they were. When they arrived I thought that they'd be very low quality, but they look like shoes in the $30 range The light pink is fun and they're very comfortable. 




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