Outfit: Red High Low Dress in the Garden


Last weekend I went to my grandparents house and somehow ended up in the garden picking vegetables. Not by choice of course. I was a little over dressed for the job but my outfit took the warm weather surprisingly well. Speaking about the garden, normally theirs is quite nice but with all the wet weather that hasn't exactly been the case. 

Dress - I'm not normally someone who wears red dresses but this one I couldn't pass up. Its lightweight has a high waist and I love the high low look. 

Belt - To go with the high waisted dress I added a belt. This one is floral, maybe I should have had vegetables on it, and a bit long for my waist. To fix that I used a rubber band. 

Shoes - Red and pink don't normally match but I thought it was okay for this outfit. The shoes have nice details on them and quite a sweet color. 



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