Making A Vegan Grilled Cheese Sandwich (with Tomato!)

 Even though I've had class most of the summer, I'm now on my two week break and have been forced to make meals for myself. For lunch today I decided I could take a classic, the grilled cheese sandwich, and make it into a healthier vegan option. Although this wasn't that hard to do I figured I could share the steps with you guys. 
Of course you're going to need the normal ingredients bread and cheese. The bread isn't too bad, simply look at the labels and make sure there are no milk or eggs (very possible to find breads like this). I've been trying to motivate myself to do more homemade bread and come up with a good vegan recipe, but so far I'm not there yet. The cheese isn't the best, as most vegan cheese isn't but cooked you almost can't tell. The extra addition for my sandwich is tomatoes from my garden. I added them for a few reasons, first off all I have a ton of them, second they add extra nutrition to the meal (something vegans need to watch out for) and third to disguise the cheese a bit more. 

I cut the cheese and the tomatoes on my new Eco Bamboo Cutting Board which is absolutely perfect. I love that it's thick and sturdy, and the bamboo grain is flawless. Speaking of cutting for this sandwich having tomatoes that are a little more on the orange or pink side is idea since they're going to get softer when you cook them. 

Grease your pan lightly with coconut oil, instead of putting it on each piece of bread, and add the cheese and tomatoes together. Then wait for it to be as brown as you'd like it, flip and repeat. Pretty easy vegan fix if you ask me. 

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