How to Wear Chuck Taylors


Casual seems like it's back in style after a little time where formal seemed like it might over take it. I've done date looks that are fancy and formal(ish) outfits for going out but while I was putting together a more casual look I saw a pair of shoes, that's been around for a long time, Chuck Taylors. So I decided to instead make an outfit wearing these famous shoes. 

  • Top - To add a bit of a feminine feel to the outfit I went with a lace top in a flattering red. I love that it's just a little too short, but not nearly short enough to be considered a crop top. 
  • Jeans - Since the tank is a square shape I decided to go with a pair of skinny jeans to balance it out. These have a light color (making them more casual), and a medium rise that's easy to wear. I especially love the cuffed bottoms though because it makes them wearable with sneakers. 
  • Shoes - I've done a guide on wearing high tops but these Chuck Taylors deserve their own post.  I love the all white look of this pair and of course the classic high top look. 
  • Bag - This purse is one of those splurge pieces but I couldn't help but add it to my outfit. The black contrasts the white and red nicely without being over powering. 
  • Nail Polish - To help pull everything in a bit I went with a sparkly nail polish that although black has elements of all the colors in it. 

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