Food Photos: Some Amish Mostly at Home

As I'm sure you already know that I love food (based on all of my cooking recipes like my simple vegan hummus), so of course it isn't a surprise that I'm sharing some food I like to eat. These are of course just random meals I've taken pictures on my iPhone and am sort of dumping in this blog post. The first photo, of the pretzel and the photo below it of the popcorn are both from my most recent trip to Shipshewana. The pretzel was from the "food court" at the David Mercantile Building and the popcorn from a stand just outside of Yoders Meat and Cheese. Both were of course very simple but still quite good. 

Next on the first row is some vegan ice-cream I had during my break at the Kelloggs event. Long story that boils down to someone else paid for it, which I hate, and they wouldn't let me pay them back! It was very nice of them though. Then a burrito meal my mother made followed by a peanut butter sandwich someone in school gave me. 

Last row has a watermelon I at at home as well as two at home dinners. The first is a stir fry with some vegetables in it and the second is a bean soup that I forgot to put either rice or noodles in. It wasn't bad just a little thin for my tastes.  

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