Fitness Friday: Bulu Box Opening


I've been really working hard on getting in shape. I've always done yoga, though I've started to up my game, and I've more recently started running. It's all because I had a big wakeup call. So when I was offered the chance to try out the Bulu box I immediately said yes. I'd heard a lot of people loved them, and if I could find something to help me out on my fitness journey of course I was interested. 

I'm glad I got to try out the Bulu box. It has a variety of different fitness products, all of which I can use for a pretty good price. Plus just getting something in the mail is a lot of fun. If you want to try it out be sure to use the code SWEATPINK for 50% off a 3 month subscription. Now for a look inside the box I was given. 
1. Mediterra Bars - Inside my box was one mediterra bar in sundries tomato and basil. Opening it up it smelled like tomatoes and was actually a lot softer and chewier than I expected. It's a different taste then I'm used to but is for sure growing on me. Plus since it's made with real fruits and vegetables as well as seeds and fiber rich grains I known its something I should be eating. 

2.  Yerba Prima Daily Fiber Formula - The sample of this was a little odd, a whole bunch of writing and labels for a tiny package of formula. I do like though that it is a fiber supplement which will help keep you running regularly. 

3.  Movit Energy Gummies - At first I thought these were your just take once a day sort of vitamins, but that isn't the case you actually eat 11 (a snack if you will) to combat fatigue and help you be your best. Plus they have a ton of nutrients. Best of all though they taste great!

4. Earth's Care Anti-Itch Cream - This is the lifestyle bonus of the Bulu box. As someone who likes to go on hikes  I can totally use this. It's made to help with all kinds of skin irritations from poison ivy to sunburn and even cuts/scraps. 

5. Quest Protein Powder - Thanks to my Bulu box I've now found a new breakfast. These protein powders are great in a smoothie for breakfast. And you can use them in baking too for added protein. 

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