Dirty Girl Mud Run with Kenmore

 All the way back in May I did some brand ambassador work for Kenmore during the Dirty Girl Mud Run. So I figured I can share now since I finally got paid (maybe more on this later). The event was quite far away from wear I live and with road construction took an hour to get there. Upon arrival I realized I forgot my parking pass which meant paying $10 to park (isn't this a lot of money for the middle of nowhere) and headed back to the Kenmore booth. From there my job was to take around one of the iPads (there were two other brand ambassadors on site both doing the same thing as me),  and sign people up for the giveaways Kenmore had going on. I thought that this would be terrible to do, but it was surprisingly not bad and a lot of people were interested in signing up. As the races started the other female brand ambassador and I met up with the corporate lady and started promotion work from the booth while the male went around some more with the iPad. 
 At the Kenmore booth were giving out towels to the women after the mud run to take with them into the changing/shower tent. After they'd come back to us we'd then use them to demo how well the Kenmore washer and dryer set worked. A pretty good idea by the marketing team I think. 
 And here's what we were giving away for the day. One of their fancy blenders. When you entered this though you were also entered for the chance to win a washer and dryer set (which would be given away at the end of the tour), all three of us brand ambassadors entered (is that against the rules?) because we really wanted the appliances. In addition to the towels and giveaways I was also tasked with taking pictures of people at the Kenmore Dirty Girl Wall. 
 I was surprised when we were given (staggered) lunch breaks because a lot of companies doing give them to you. Even more surprising was the fact that our corporate woman had sandwiches and snacks for all of us which was super nice. 
There were a few other booths, one doing free braids (wish I would have stopped in on my break), and on the way back I saw Ford's booth. They had muddied up a car of theirs which I thought was a fun thing to do. 

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