Book Review: 52 Original Wisdom Stories


52 original Wisdom Stories
by Penelope Wilcock
Short lively pieces for the Christian year.  Ideal for talks to churches and groups.
Sid and Rosie are an older married couple, with several children and grandchildren.  Through a series of short, engaging narratives we learn more about their faith, their feelings for one another, their hopes and dreams, and their perception of how God speaks.
Each story stand on its own, and the sequence follows the rhythm of the church's year from Advent through Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, and Harvest Thanksgiving.  Between Pentecost and Harvest lie the Sundays of ordinary time, where the ordinary and extraordinary topics of daily life will be addressed: themes of life and grace, such as falling in love, marriage, birth, education, illness, adversity, hospitality, home-making, work.
These stories, intriguing and entertaining, are ideal as discussion starters or as read-aloud pieces instead of a talk or sermon.  Each story is followed by questions for further reflection.
Pen Wilcock is the author of The Hawk and the Dove novels and many other books such as In Celebration of Simplicity and The Wilderness Within You.  She has years of experience as a Methodist minister and has worked as a hospice and school chaplain.  She has five adult daughters and lives in Hastings, East Sussex.

Verdict: Sometimes you don't have the time or concentration to read a full book. However you still want to get both entertainment and growth, so I was excited to see 52 Original Wisdom Stories. Although short in length the stories offer a lot of information and after uplifting. If you like Everything that Makes you Mom or Loorie Moore's Self Help this is a book you want to check out. 

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