Avoiding those little Uncomfortable Moments #bringcomfyback

A lot of times there isn't much you can do big uncomfortable things. You know what I'm talking about things like going to a job interview, taking a hard test or getting stuck in a traffic jam. However you can do something about the little things that are uncomfortable, like oily skin throughout the day (I recommend blotting paper), and when the room you're in is just too cold. They're not only distracting, but annoying too and can actually make your day quite bad. 

Your period is one of those big uncomfortable things but it has a lot of small uncomfortable things that go with it. From the time you think you're period is over, and it's not, to wearing a big bulky pad with a tampon because you're worried about leakage. U by Kotex Curves liners can solve both of these problems. 

Like other U by Kotex products I'm a fan of these Curves Liners have fun designs on the wrappers and are very thin and unnoticeable even with the infamous yoga pants. They stay put too, something I've had issues with using some liners, so I can wear any underwear I choose without worries. 

If you want to try them out too you're in luck. Just go to the U by Kotex website and get a $1 off coupon. 

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