App Review: Covet Fashion

Something you might (probably) already know about me is that I'm a sucker for iPhone games. I can't help but downloading a new game and playing it during my breaks, makeup/hair sessions and even during class when I know I shouldn't be doing it. Normally I play games like MineCraft and build homes or work on my Clash of Clans strategy but when I saw Covet Fashion I thought it'd be fun to try out. 

The app is pretty good at guiding you through the beginning. You start with a girl, pick out clothing (I suggest putting as much on her as possible value wise) and then get judged on your first outfit. From there you spend tickets to enter other fashion contests and can win prizes such as more clothing and even diamonds if  you win. Diamonds, along with the game's money are used to buy more clothes and accessories. You gain levels and unlock hair and makeup things by the value of the things in your closet. All of this sounds good right?

Well it would be but playing Covet Fashion starts to feel like a job very quickly. To get a high amount of stars you basically have to have all unworn clothes that are in season, not such an easy task considering how hard it is to get the money. And it takes forever for looks to be voted on, and when you're voting on a look the tickets you get (which you use to enter more contests) are so few. Basically if you want to have much fun you have to pay actual money, and really be on your game, but I don't mean the Derek Warburton way, because if you're like me when you vote you just pick them at random, so what the outfit looks like doesn't really matter. 

Overall a great idea for a phone application, but not all that practical. 

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