App Review: Billionaire.

One of my favorite things about having an iPhone is the fact that I can use iMessage to text my friends who are overseas for a much quicker response than I'd get with email. My second favorite thing might be the video chatting, but just below that is all the cool apps that are available to play. One that I saw an advertisement for (while playing the Covet Fashion App) was Billionaire. It looked fun so I downloaded it. 

Here's how it works. You start out with a set amount of money and can buy your first business from the list provided. They have different prices, produce different amounts of money per minute, store different amounts of money and have different threat percentages. As a general rule the higher the threat the more you're going to make. Of course the higher the threat the more likely you are to get busted by the police. 

On your profile page you can get an overview of how much you're worth (this determines your level), as well as click to see what your friends are worth. It's kind of fun because in addition to your friends net worth on the game they have the net worth of celebrities (example Jenna Marbles) that you're competing against. Each day you also receive crystals which can be used to buy special buildings and get you out of trouble. 

Overall its a fun game to play if you have a little free time to collect your buildings earnings throughout the day but can go very slowly. However I don't recommend changing the time on your phone because you'll get your game frozen until that future date I like I did. 

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