Too Close, Studying, and Mosquito Bracelets

 I've been so busy lately that I haven't had any time to update you guys this past week. Don't worry I'm not doing anything interesting, just going to school. Speaking of school I figured I could show you guys a little of what I did today.

I started out this morning by getting up at 6 A.M and heading to school. I was a few hours early for class so I studied for an upcoming test before heading inside. It was only an hour lecture and afterwards I went out to my car to grab my lab papers when I saw how someone had parked next to me (the above picture), really next to me. A long time ago I showed you guys a picture of a car with a similar parking job and to be honest I'm just happy neither one hit me. 

 Since I had awhile before my lab I went to the sandwich shop in the school's library. When we arrived they were out of food so we waited, and waited until finally we gave up and had to go the main cafeteria to get food, that wasn't very good. It did however have nice lighting so I took a #selfie . If you didn't notice (I'm sure you did) I'm wearing literally no makeup a byproduct of being in school from 7 am to 8 pm and taking some ridiculous classes. 
 After hurrying to eat, we had to rush over to our lab where we were working with circuits. Our first three multimeters didn't work properly but by the four one we figured we were all good. Well except for the fact our amp thing was putting out more voltage than it was supposed to. That was until we started to smell something burning and saw that our paper which had been sitting under a resistor was getting so hot from the charge it actually had a little burn mark. We weren't the only ones we saw one guy do the Catholic Trinity symbol after exchanging his faulty equipment. And when we were leaving we could easily smell someone else burning through their wires, probably with the same problem we had. 

Between the terrible lab equipment and the food I can say I'm glad I'm only here for summer classes. 
 Then more studying. Literally the only highlight of this is using my very cool Sprout Pencil. It's like your normal wooden pencil, except in a chic way, but after you're at the end of the graphite you plant it and grow a cool new plant. 
 On my way home after my math test the traffic was terrible and I couldn't quite figure out why, after waiting twice I finally made it to the front of the line and saw huge crowds going to Victory Field for a baseball game. Of course in my picture it doesn't look like very many since I got the end of one group and you can just barely make out the other group. To tell the truth I didn't know minor league baseball was so popular. 
Last is a picture before opening up my second pack of Mosquito repellent bracelets. I'm working on a big outdoor shoot (more to come) and these are a life saver. 

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