Spongellé Pedi & Body Wash Buffers

For my taking baths and showers is about so much more than cleaning up. I love using beautiful products that help me relax and get ready for bed, as well as things that make me look, feel or smell pretty. So when the people at Spongelle offered to send me two different products of theirs of course I said yes. After trying both out both the Pedi and Body Wash sponges I couldn't be happier with them, and I think I might have an obsession with using them. 

Body Wash Infused Buffer - I've always been someone who's picky about what sort of body wash I use. The biggest thing is smell, and when I saw that this Spongelle product was going to be Ginger Bergamot I wasn't quite sure what to think, because I didn't know what either of those smelled like. Luckily they are both wonderful and give this buffer a warm citrus scent that isn't overpoweringly tropical. This sponge lathers amazingly and feels good on my skin, much better than any loofah. Plus the attached ribbon is so handy. 

Pedi Buffer - Beach Grass is a scent I'm familiar with (and love!), and lately my feet have been needing some help. Between runway and promotional modeling I've spent a ton of time walking around in heals. This sponge gets rid of dead skin, and is great after a long day of work. 

Verdict: I'm extremely happy with both of the Spongelle products that I was given to review. They smell wonderful and work very well both for buffing and cleaning. With their blue luxury boxes they'd make the perfect gift for yourself or a friend. 

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