Roundup: July 1-4 Beauty Reviews

Alright as you might see from the above heading this is for products reviewed from July 1st to the 4th because with the holiday break I've had a little extra time to hammer out product reviews for all the great beauty related things I've been trying out. So here's the roundup for you guys. 

Bellesentials Temporary Tattoos - This summer is all about going to concerts, festivals and outdoor sporting events. I've talked about what to wear to events like that, but one thing I haven't shared is something that really in right now, metallic temporary tattoos. Six sheets came in this set and they all look beautiful. 

Organic Gold Soap - I was sent two different virgin coconut oil soap scrubs to try out. Both the Mooring and Coffee soaps smell great, very unisex, exfoliate skin as well as the normal cleaning. They make my skin feel soft, and much more alive in the mornings. 

Amara Organics Retinol Cream - Previously I've reviewed Amara Organics Hydroponic Acid Serum and loved it so I was happy to try out their retinol cream. It also has E & B5 which makes for a great moisturizing product. 

Nouvea Moisturizer - This smells like the best cookie you've ever had. It has things like shea butter coconut and argan oil among other things that are known to be great for your skin. It is a thick moisturizer too perfect for knees and elbows. 

Bella Peau Dark Spot Corrector - I'm always worried about my skin, and try my best to avoid sun exposure. However it does happen sometimes and one of the effects are dark spots. This serum feels nice going on too. 

180 Beauty Hyaluronic Acid Serum - Not too long ago (okay maybe it was) 180 Cosmetics Breast Firming Solution and thought it was a very innovative product. This Hyaluronic acid is a tried and true method of moisturizing dry skin and 180 Beauty does a great job. 

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