Roundup: Beauty Reviews Beginning of August

 Sass N Frass Blaze - I have to say I wasn't expecting much from this mineral makeup. I thought it would just be a pressed powder junk, similar to the infamous tween makeup. However that wasn't the case with Sass N Frass. The powder is easy to apply and the Blaze color is so pretty. Plus it lasts well. I do wish though that Sass N Frass would consider an update to their mineral makeup packaging. 
 Jaowying Beauty Rosehip Oil - I've previously tried Jaowying's Winky Hair Mascara and Milky Bust Cream   so I was a little surprised to see that they also had this 100% pure rosehip oil. I love the packaging on it and the large bottle size is super convenient. 
 Radha Peppermint Oil - I have to admit I didn't really understand essential oils until recently. Since then I've learned that they can have a whole host of benefits. My favorite use is in a diffuser and let me say this peppermint is great. Plus Radha has it at a good price. 
Pure Swiss Hyaluronic Acid - I've previously had a roundup featuring 180 Pure Swiss Hyaluronic Acid but since then they've released a much easier to use dispenser. I love the push down feature and that this hyaluronic acid has the vitamin c addition that I love. 

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