Review: Virilem Nail Clippers

 Lately, and I'm not quite sure why, I've been all about my nails. Sure I still love doing heavy makeup for fun, but I prefer my nails match my outfit rather than my eyeshadow. However nail lacquer isn't the only thing you need to make your nails look good. One of those other things (and this is a big one) is a good pair of nail clippers. When Virilem offered to send me one of theirs to try out I immediately said yes. 

Although this set was sent to me you can get your own from Amazon which means easy payments and shipping. Inside the shipping box there is a black box with a clear insert so you can see the nail clippers inside. Looking at the Virilem Nail Clippers I was actually impressed with how stylish they are. 

Verdict: Used with my Covergirl XL nail gel in Buxmon Blue polish I'm very happy with the manicure I was able to create. The Virilem nail clippers easily cut through thick nails and never leave any jagged edges. They're easy to hold and as a bonus they even have a nail file on the inside. 

You can get your own from Amazon HERE

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