Review: Rimmel London Stay Glossy Non Stop Glamour

Lip glosses are a product I feel like I've become quite the expert in, especially after reviewing the whole One Direction Makeup Line  and getting my hands on a ton of different drug store lip glosses. Speaking of drug store, that's exactly what this Rimmel London Stay Gloss in Non Stop Glamour is. Since I've liked a lot of other Rimmel London products I was excited to see this as a part of my Voxbox. 

Alright so I think the packaging is a little old. It has a silver top that twists on and includes an average brush applicator inside. The tube is clear and has silver accents. It's not as long as many of the lip glosses I have, which I quite like because it's easier to store.

Verdict: Applying this Stay Glossy formula was very easy and felt very smooth without being thick or watery. The Non Stop Glamour color has a slight pink tint but is pretty sheer. However this Rimmel London lip gloss has a tone of sparkle. It lastly well too, and for a shiny gloss isn't too sticky. 

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