Review: Rimmel London Natural Bronzer 020 Sunshine

Rimmel London products are quickly becoming a favorite around here after loving the Scandal Eyes Mascara and their Lasting Finish Nail Polish. So when I saw that I was getting this Rimmel London Natural Bronzer (as a part of my voxbox) I was excited to see what it was all about, even though I was a little hesitant, because I've never used a bronzer before. I mean I've had them used on me by various makeup artists but never used it myself. 

I'm actually quite liking this Rimmel London packaging because for a drug store makeup it looks chic. The case is clear on top with gold lettering and the bottom has a pretty copper color. The design on the outside is a star like or maybe sun like piece. On the back it has the color 020 Sunshine

Verdict: Overall I like Rimmel London's Natural Bronzer. It does have a bit of a makeup smell that I'm not a fan of but past that everything was good. It is a bit thick to apply so you should use a stiffer brush but holds well, and as for that waterproof claim, this should work in the pool for you as long as you aren't scratching at your face. The color 020 Sunshine is a bit orange but overall more of a dark peach and has a lot of sparkle in it. 

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