Review: Radha Frankincense Oil

I review a variety of different products from phone accessories to hair extensions  so I'd like to think I'm pretty good at figuring out what things are and how to use them. However when the Radha Frankincense oil arrived I have to admit I had no idea what it was for. I'd heard of Frankincense from the Christmas bibles stories but that was the extent of my knowledge. 

Like many of the interesting and less common beauty products I have I received this Frankincense oil via Amazon. Inside the shipping box it had another white protection box, but not really any information. The Radha bottle inside that however is a gorgeous blue and 4 fl oz. On there it says that this is an essential oil, something I do know a little about. 

Verdict: Through a little internet research I discovered it is more like a beauty essential oil. It's known to strengthen gums and hair roots, stop wounds from bleeding, and speed up heeling of skin sores of a variety of kinds. I apply it to the skin, although if you dilute it with coconut oil it can also be ingested. The Radha Frankincense Oil is one of the higher quality ones and seems to work quite well. 

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