Review: Pantene Pro-V AgeDefy Advanced Thickening Treatment

When most people think of anti-aging products (including me), they think of skin care products. Things like Orgins Moisturizer or Anavita Wrinkle Cream come to mind. Well, Pantene has entered the fight to help us look younger, but not with something for your skin, but for your hair. They have a whole Age Defy line, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on a sample of their Advanced Thickening Serum. 

Alright since I was given the sample size it's 50 mL of product which is quite a bit smaller than what you can find in stores. It still has the same clear bottle with purple and gold lettering as well as the unique gold colored pump. To use distribute a few pumps starting at the roots of your hair. 

Verdict: I'm impressed that this Pantene AgeDefy product is so light weight on hair and doesn't make it look oily or weigh it down. It does have a bit of a perfumed scent, but nothing unpleasant and fairly gender neutral. Immediately after use my hair felt smoother and after a few days I could tell a noticeable difference in how thick it looked. So this might be something to add into your regime for a younger self. 

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