Review: Minka In Jade Strapless Backless Self Adhesive Bra

During the summer, and really throughout the year, I love wearing dresses. There are so many cute options available but more often than not you can easily see your bra with it. Even if you wear a strapless bra. I have two dresses that I love to death that are especially bad about it, my Teal Lace Summer Dress and my White Crossback Dress. So when Minka in Jade offered to send me their self adhesive strapless backless bra I immediately said yes. 

When this bra arrived I was surprised to see that it came in a bra holder. The bra holder is pink with a black floral print on the outside and zips all the way around inside it has a compartment for holding each of the bra cups separately. It's well made and I was actually very impressed. The bra itself is a light nude color with white lace. 

Verdict: At first I was apprehensive about trying out a self adhesive bra but since I'm quite desperate to wear my summer dresses I gave it a go. And I'm glad I did because not only is this Minka in Jade bra cute, but its comfortable to wear and supports me. So glad I have it. 

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