Review: I've Been Carded Black Soap

I don't know what my skin's problem is but these past two weeks I've been getting acne. Nothing big, yet, but enough that I'm not only annoyed but a little worried. So when the people over at Desired Diva offered to send me their I've Been Carded Black Soap of course I said yes. These are desperate times. 

It comes in a thick glass jar with a gold twist off lid. The ingredients are African black soap, shea butter, African coffee and fragrance. Opening it up I first noticed the smell, it wasn't gross, just not pleasant. The soap was quite thick and didn't come with any instructions so I decided to just try and use it like normal. I quickly got the hang of it (water to soap ratio is high) and got the soap into a nice sud. 

Verdict: As I used it this I've Been Carded Black Soap actually started to smell good. It completely cleared out my pores too which was fantastic. Because it is a bit harsh, I paired it with my Petunia Vitamin C Serum  and plan on using it every other day because it really is a deep clean. 

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