Review: ISA Professional Digital LCD Ceramic Flat Iron

Even though I'm not particularly good at doing my hair, I still love to do it. For most fancy days I try to do a big barrel curl but for a change sometimes I like to wear my hair straight a look that isn't easily achieved with my hair type. So of course I'm always on the lookout for a good flat iron. I've previously reviewed the Definition Series version and the EV Beauty straightener so when I was offered the ISA Professional one I though I could see what it was all about. Especially since I'd never used one with a digital readout. 

Surprisingly this is a beauty tool that's available on Amazon, making it very convenient to get. It comes in a white box with a very high fashion woman on the front and basic information on the sides of the box. The flat iron itself is is mostly black with some red on the main part and red ceramic plates. On the front it has a digital readout for temperature and push button controls for power as well as raising and lowering the temperature. 

Verdict: At first I hated the buttons on the front of the screen, I kept hitting them and changing the temperature of the flat iron when I was trying to straighten my hair. Once I got the trick of the ISA Professional Digital LCD Ceramic Flat Iron (to push twice on the power button to lock everything) it was super easy and I love knowing exactly what the temperature is when I 'm styling my hair with heat. 

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