Review: Covergirl XL Buxom Blue Nail Gel

After looking back at my nail polish collection blog post and seeing in the last few years how its just about doubled, I'm starting to think I have a problem. However I don't think I'm going to stop anytime soon because nail lacquer is just one of those easy things to collect. So when I acquired the Covergirl XL Buxom Blue Nail Gel I had to share with you guys. 

Alright so the packaging doesn't really look like the other Covergirl Nail Polish. This XL product has 13 ml of gel in a clear glass container and the lid is a silver color, the brush is the typical kind. Actually the bottle looks a lot like Sally Hansen Grass Slipper nail lacquer

Verdict: Applying the Covergirl XL nail gel isn't bad. It's smooth, dries quickly and doesn't smell bad.   The Buxom Blue color is a very pretty light blue though not that opaque, the above swatch took two coats. It does wear pretty well without chipping though. 

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