Review: Covergirl Ink It Eyeliner in Black Ink 230

 When I'm going out, eyeliner is something that I like to wear, although I often have a hard time finding one that I like. So when I was given (more on that later) Covergirl's Ink It eyeliner I was excited to try something new out. Though getting the name of this product down is a little hard. Is it just Ink It or is it Ink It by Perfect Point Plus Coco Ink because I'm not quite sure. 

Alright, so looking at my picture above you might be a little confused if I'm wanting to talk about the makeup or my Bright Baum tree. But the packaging is so straight line and boring I needed something to spice it up. This Ink It Covergirl Ink it Eyeliner pencil is literally just a black tube with a lid and a twist since this is a mechanical eyeliner pencil. 
Here's what the eyeliner looks like as a swatch with the flash on. You can sort of see that I've also got a swatch of Covergirl's Shadow Pencil on too. It's a matte black and goes on very smoothly. Even with rubbing this Ink It eyeliner isn't going to be one to smudge so its great for a long date night or promotional modeling like I do. 

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